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Have You Been Injured In A Work Related Car Accident?

ups.jpgIf you have been involved in a work related car accident, you are entitled to more than just work related benefits.  Though the workers compensaton insurance company has "primary liability" for the work injury, you may also be entitled to some no-fault benefits AND personal injury benefits against the negligent driver.  NEVER assume you are limited to only workers compensaton benefits.  You may be entitled to receive BOTH workers compensation benefits and additional monetary benefits.

Who Are The Best Workers Compensation Lawyers In Minnesota For Me?

best.jpgThe best lawyers are those who have decades of experience, preferably on both sides of cases AND most importantly one who really listens to you.  By "listen to you" I mean letting you drive where you want the case to end up.  Are you fighting to get the treatment you need, do you want to be retrained, are you fed up with the workers compensation system and just want to be done with the whole thing?  Every client has a different objective when they come in to meet with me.  At Atkinson Law Office, P.A. and Minnesota Disability , we make recommendations and answer questions while you help us navigate where to take your case.  Experience absolutely matters in this regard.  Inexperienced lawyers make mistakes, they don't know the judges, defense lawyers, insurance adjusters and the ins and outs of this complex system called Minnesota Workers Compensation.  Minnesota workers compesation cases often require immediate decisions that matter.