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Minnesota Workers Compensation - Epidural Injections

epidural.jpgYou just sustained a Minnesota Workers Compensation low back  or neck injury and your doctor has recommended an epidural injection.  You may be asking yourself what is an epidural injection and how do they work.

Minnesota Workers Compensation - Coritsone Injections

cortisone_injection.jpgYou just sustained a Minnesota workers compensation injury to your knee, elbow or shoulder at work and the prescription by your doctor may well be a cortisone shot.  For most, the pain relief is almost immediate!

What Is A Minnesota Workers Compensation Stip Status Conference?

If you have sustained a Minnesota Workers Compensation Injury then you may have received a notice of a Stip Status Conference to be conducted at the Office of Administrative Hearings.  Stipulation for Settlement Conferences are a relatively new program instituted by the former Chief Administrative Law Judge, Ray Krause a few years back.  The idea is that after a case settles, the compensation judge works to ensure that the paper work is drafted quickly.  As an attorney representing only injured workers I actually welcome this process as it's not unsual for the parties to settle with weeks passing without any documents drafted by the insurance company attorney.  Often times it's due to the difficulty they have in negotiating with parties who paid or provided the injured worker with health care treatment or other benefits.  At times, however, it's due to the defense attorney not properly prioritzing your claim.