Workers Compensation Settlements

Brain and Head Injury Settlements

  • Jeff (St. Paul), 57 year contractor who sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with over 95% PPD awarded, permanent total disability, and retroactive family nursing services and future benefits in excess of $1.3 million dollars PLUS ongoing permanent total disability.
  • Randy (Eden Prairie), 41 year old service manager sustained a traumatic brain injury after a work related car accident. Recovered nearly $1 million dollars in combination of workers compensation benefits and bodily injury benefits as the result of the work related car accident.
  • $575,000 for injured worker with head injury
  • Frank (Lonsdale), 39 year old boom truck driver who fell off his truck and sustained injuries to his head, neck and finger - $75,000.00 with future medical expense open.

Neck and Back Injury Settlements

  • Laurel (Hammond, WI) - 51 years old registered nurse who sustained a neck and shoulder injury - $120,000
  • Brad (New Richmond, WI), 41 years old service manager who sustained significant and permanent injuries to his low back - $205,000
  • Henry (Ellsworth, WI), 61 years old Auto Body Technician who, as a result of the nature of his work activities, sustained injuries to his low back, neck, shoulders, knees and wrists- $125,000 and over $125,000 in medical care
  • Greg (Lester Prairie), 55 years old warehouse foreman who slipped on ice while walking to his work truck and injured his neck, head, shoulder, left elbow and low back - $140,000 and over $60,000 in medical care
  • Ron (St. Paul), 46 years old who sustained an injury to his back working for the auto-windshield repair industry - $115,000
  • Corey (Bloomington) 34 years old mechanical assembly technician who sustained an injury to his back while lifting parts - $100,000
  • Steve (Apple Valley), 58 years old cement truck driver who sustained an injury to his neck and arm when he jammed his head into a part of his truck and got knocked down - $100,000
  • Mark (Prior Lake), 53 years old public services worker with a back injury - $95,000
  • Chris (St. Paul), 37 years old man who injured his back working a as store manager - $147,500
  • James (Hibbing), 57 year old man who sustained head and neck injuries after being struck by a pole - $140,000.00 and over $38,000.00 in outstanding medical bills paid.
  • Heather (Cannon Falls), 43 year old woman who sustained injuries to her neck and back after a slip and fall, and then developed chronic pain syndrome - $150,000.00 and future medical open.
  • Traci (Blaine), 43 year old woman who sustained injury to her neck which destabilized her pre-existing neck fusion while pushing carts at work - $85,000.00
  • Steven (Lindstrom), 51 year old man suffering from bilateral rotator cuff tears and low back injuries arising out of 20 plus years of work in the auto glass industry - $65,000.00 and over $80,000.00 in outstanding medical bills paid.
  • Greg (Hutchinson), 56 years old electrician suffering from low back and shoulder injuries due to the physical requirements of his job - $165,000 and over $150,000 in outstanding medical bills paid.

Knee Injury Settlements

  • Jimmy (Louisiana), 60 years old who sustained an injury to his knee and hip while dismounting a forklift- $80,000
  • Pam (Plymouth), 68 year old woman whose slip and fall at work resulted in a knee replacement - $70,000.00 and over $50,000.00 in outstanding medical bills paid.


  • Jeff (Woodburry), 53 years old service advisor who suffered from an occupational disease consisting of severe and complicated asthma - $350,000 and over $203,000 in medical care
  • Garret (TN) - 20 years old's autistic son of deceased employee - $340,000
  • Doug DeKeyrel v. Metropolitan Mechanical Contractors and Travelers Group (WCCA November 16, 2016). Successfully appealed decision of compensation judge's Order denying permanent total disability. Workers Compensation Court of Appeals unanimously overturned compensation judge's determination and awarded permanent total disability. He will collect over a million dollars in indemnity benefits in his lifetime.